As a high net worth individual you may be having some level of difficulty insuring your car because it is high performance or of a higher value than standard. That’s where you need cover from an insurer who can offer a more versatile level of cover. We have access to insurers in this market, so you can be certain that your assets are insured to the highest possible standard, giving you peace of mind.


High Net Worth Car Insurance is there to insure vehicles that need more than a ‘standard’ car insurance policy can offer. This can be due to many reasons such as being of high value, high performance or the rarity of your make or model. These types of policies often come with added benefits which can include;

  • Your choice of repairers in the event of a claim, offering you the comfort of knowing that the work will be done to your highest standard.
  • Multi-Vehicle Policies, offering the convenience of insuring more than one high end vehicle under the same policy.
  • Comprehensive cover for driving other cars.
  • Cover for track days can be agreed depending on the event.
  • Extended foreign use.
  • Fully comprehensive breakdown cover is also sometimes included within the policy.

Vehicles insured under this type of policy may have security requirements such as a tracker. This all depends on information such as value and postcode or location of where it’s kept. Our insurers can advise on security requirements and may even be able to offer contact details for preferred suppliers, who can sometimes offer a discount.


The claims management for High Net Worth Motor Insurance is also excellent. The insurers pride themselves on making sure claims are settled in good time and are hassle free for the client, often offering cover such as ‘Uninsured Driver Cover’, meaning if you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver and it’s not your fault then you’re no claims bonus will not be affected.


High Net Worth Insurance is for those who have assets that are larger, more complex or more valuable than a ‘standard’ insurance policy can cater for. These policies are far more tailored to your specific requirements, which means it can be made bespoke to suit your needs.


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