As a high net worth individual you may be having some level of difficulty insuring your home due to various reasons, such as a large rebuild value, a collection of paintings or high valued jewellery items. That’s where you need cover from an insurer who can offer a more versatile level of cover. We have access to insurers in this market and can ensure that your assets are insured to the highest possible standard, giving you peace of mind.

High Net Worth Home Insurance offers a very wide and flexible range of cover, for example:

  •  Worldwide accidental damage cover for contents.
  •  A flexible approach to all types of property construction and covers required for high value items of contents. Nothing is ‘standard’ on these types of policies.
  • Limits within the policy that are far higher, thereby reducing the chance of being underinsured. This also reduces the need to obtain valuations for relatively lower value items and makes for much wider cover.
  • The option to specifically note items such as high valued jewellery, antiques or wine collections with underwriters who understand how to value and cover them properly.
  • Most policies have the option to add travel cover if required.
  • Option to add a second property, for example a holiday home.
  • The vast majority of High Net Worth insurers work on a ‘no quibble’ approach to claims, making for a smoother and faster settlement.
  • Due to the higher levels of cover needed under these types of policy there are often higher security requirements. The insurers will be able to offer comprehensive advice on security and may be able to recommend preferred suppliers at discounted rates for things such as alarms and safes.

Claims management is also very fast and effective. In the event of a claim for a high valued jewellery item, most high net worth insurers have specialist suppliers who can often create an exact replica or tackle specialist repair work. They are also very flexible in the event of a claim and understand that the assets insured are of high value and therefore make sure their policy and claims handling is of the same nature.


High net worth insurance is for those who have assets that are larger, more complex or more valuable than that of a ‘standard’ insurance policy. These policies are far more tailored to your specific requirements, which means they can be made bespoke to suit your needs.


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